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"How to put yourself in close proximity to a Bigfoot Series"-Part-2 "Evaluating patterns/Developing theory"

Part-2 (What Now?)
If you have been meticulous in your data collection and the comparison process with the Bigfoot eyewitness statements and you've been thorough having thought all of it through carefully, you have Identified a few patterns within the process. These are not there by accident, they are a signs consistencies that re-enforce the validity of those reports. Set aside skepticism for a moment and really think; Who are these people that have reported this, what were there professions, what possible positive reward could they get out of making something like this up? Continue objectively or risk a turn in the investigation that leads off the scent so to speak.
First, recognize any similarities you noticed in descriptions of the actual Bigfoot themselves and also the behaviors that were witnessed. Similarities are good, differences are good, it's all good.
This lends a good amount of credibility to the statements themselves, it points to the capability of the average person to observe in traumatic circumstances. I make note of this because the observational skills of  the Bigfoot eyewitnesses here in America have been ridiculed and questioned for over a hundred years and here we sit developing patterns in statements that I myself have used to plan my own journey out of ignorance into awareness and prove the species is real for myself. (I have seen this species because I did what I am showing you now.)
Taking the time to evaluate these patterns for meaning and motive is the entire reason you collected and correlated the data in the first place.


Now you have at least one pattern in mind- Was it water, Was it geographical in nature? A landmark with an isolated water source, was it a hunting area in may or June that has heavy human activity, was it when most of the local wildlife has their young? What was your pattern? Finding the pattern is just the beginning. At first it may seem insignificant or ridiculous, but make note of it, it may turn into the single most important clue of all. Nothing is arbitrary. 
I will use the 1st pattern that appeared in my research of eyewitness sightings as an example of how powerful and important a pattern in eyewitness statements can be to the future of your research. The Pattern was evident in this way,
1.Cypress trees or Cypress hammocks in the early morning hours
2. Feeding behavior, Cypress trees being pulled apart at the base, squatch seen picking something out the water, and putting it in it's mouth.
 Click the link below to read what happened on my first attempt to investigate an area with over 100 years of Bigfoot sightings history by modern culture and many hundreds of years of Native American Indian interaction with the species here in Palm Beach County Florida.
Come back when your done and finish the article here, your on track trust me.

A defining moment in my research.
I was traumatized to say the least, an aspect of the Bigfoot encounter experience that is rarely covered and most truly misunderstood, understated.
This was the single most incredible moment in my life. There was no doubt as to what happened as incredible and surreal as it was...all because I took the time to identify a seemingly insignificant pattern involving of all things; snails and mollusks!

So now you have your first clues, they may seem "THIN" and without investigation, they amount to nothing.

If you're confident that you've milked out every possible lead from the eyewitness statements and you have identified a possible motive for the where, when, why and what aspects of the patterns of the encounters, then you need to go back to your map.
Comparisons are everything to this process.
I look for a number of things on satellite; The density of the Ground cover is a primary concern for staying incognito near places that humans regularly travel, and make no mistake, they are in some of these places. No matter how many times you hear it stated in the symbolism and programming, Sasquatch is not just seen way out in the middle of nowhere. You should be at this realization by now if you have really looked at these eyewitness statements. Florida is ad-ridiculem where this is concerned. Take some time to read and look into our sightings and you'll see some of the most amazing things in the history of reports-ever reported on earth- in our records.

SO, now comes the mapping part of your journey, you must be patient and thorough again.
look for the trees on the map that match the areas of the encounter. Correlate the patterns with the map of the areas in question.
Times are important, and one last thing. A night investigation is fun, and mine have produced results that were undeniable to my team and I. But when was the last time you saw a good picture of a squatch taken at night? Fact is, my encounter was in daylight, my son's in daylight, thousands of others, in daylight, Patterson footage-daylight. The Idea that Sasquatch is primarily a nocturnal species is like saying humans are nocturnal because they move about at night a lot. That thinking has caused more difficulty than it has ever been worth. Yes, it's productive, but the majority of reports where the eyewitness got a good look or a photo, were obviously in broad daylight.
It is my opinion, they are 'round the clockers' who sleep when they need to.
 But what do I know, I only- planned an objective investigation in the way I've stated here, Identified several patterns from the reports deemed "Hallucinatory" by science, developed theory directly from these so called "psychotic episodes" on where, when, why and how, then executed several expeditions producing dozens of tracks, a close call in which I was screamed at by what sounded like a giant, and two physical sightings, my son's and mine. Using this plan and technique I have been in proximity to this species of wild giant and so have the people who were with me. 

For the arrogantly titled- Ignorance is bliss, but then you're not ignorant are you? Awareness is sometimes difficult to achieve and the truth is uncomfortable to accept, particularly if you've already been playing the role yourself. YOU may tell yourself you "know" all of this is just not possible to begin with as so many like you do.
If you are educated, you are at a disadvantage, I say this because you have been exposed to contradictory "opinion" about all of this, "Unicorns and leprechauns" and in order to get that degree you depend on for your lively hood, you have had to take tests on these contradictory opinions to show that you have indeed absorbed said opinions and can prove your allegiance to those contradictory principles. 
Deep down, somewhere in that remnant of objective curiosity, you know there is more to these reports than just mis-identification, hallucination or mental illness. 
Deep down you know that in the past-in your schooling or careers at some point when you've tried to take that left turn into uncharted territory, into the "NO, NO" zone, you were instantly scolded like a child by your own mind, and much worse a colleague. Secretly you fear this discussion.
YOU KNOW I SPEAK THE TRUTH, WE ARE ALL SUBJECT TO THIS SUPPRESSION and everything that comes along with it. If you are "that" individual, you should be ashamed of yourself, for you should know full well the implications of what we are in truth seeing out there. You have been turned from principled objectivity, to a self-preservative form of subjectivity where this subject is concerned, but at least you get to keep that piece of paper that hangs on your office wall. "The Coward dwells withing us all, some face fear, most don't."

More to come....

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