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Well, we used all the information you can read here on this blog, to accomplish the impossible as you will see in "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal" if you take the time to watch all the episodes, you'll know it's true

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"How to put yourself in close proximity to a Bigfoot Series"-Part-2 "Evaluating patterns/Developing theory"

Part-2 (What Now?)
If you have been meticulous in your data collection and the comparison process with the Bigfoot eyewitness statements and you've been thorough having thought all of it through carefully, you have Identified a few patterns within the process. These are not there by accident, they are a signs consistencies that re-enforce the validity of those reports. Set aside skepticism for a moment and really think; Who are these people that have reported this, what were there professions, what possible positive reward could they get out of making something like this up? Continue objectively or risk a turn in the investigation that leads off the scent so to speak.
First, recognize any similarities you noticed in descriptions of the actual Bigfoot themselves and also the behaviors that were witnessed. Similarities are good, differences are good, it's all good.
This lends a good amount of credibility to the statements themselves, it points to the capability of the average person to observe in traumatic circumstances. I make note of this because the observational skills of  the Bigfoot eyewitnesses here in America have been ridiculed and questioned for over a hundred years and here we sit developing patterns in statements that I myself have used to plan my own journey out of ignorance into awareness and prove the species is real for myself. (I have seen this species because I did what I am showing you now.)
Taking the time to evaluate these patterns for meaning and motive is the entire reason you collected and correlated the data in the first place.


Now you have at least one pattern in mind- Was it water, Was it geographical in nature? A landmark with an isolated water source, was it a hunting area in may or June that has heavy human activity, was it when most of the local wildlife has their young? What was your pattern? Finding the pattern is just the beginning. At first it may seem insignificant or ridiculous, but make note of it, it may turn into the single most important clue of all. Nothing is arbitrary. 
I will use the 1st pattern that appeared in my research of eyewitness sightings as an example of how powerful and important a pattern in eyewitness statements can be to the future of your research. The Pattern was evident in this way,
1.Cypress trees or Cypress hammocks in the early morning hours
2. Feeding behavior, Cypress trees being pulled apart at the base, squatch seen picking something out the water, and putting it in it's mouth.
 Click the link below to read what happened on my first attempt to investigate an area with over 100 years of Bigfoot sightings history by modern culture and many hundreds of years of Native American Indian interaction with the species here in Palm Beach County Florida.
Come back when your done and finish the article here, your on track trust me.

A defining moment in my research.
I was traumatized to say the least, an aspect of the Bigfoot encounter experience that is rarely covered and most truly misunderstood, understated.
This was the single most incredible moment in my life. There was no doubt as to what happened as incredible and surreal as it was...all because I took the time to identify a seemingly insignificant pattern involving of all things; snails and mollusks!

So now you have your first clues, they may seem "THIN" and without investigation, they amount to nothing.

If you're confident that you've milked out every possible lead from the eyewitness statements and you have identified a possible motive for the where, when, why and what aspects of the patterns of the encounters, then you need to go back to your map.
Comparisons are everything to this process.
I look for a number of things on satellite; The density of the Ground cover is a primary concern for staying incognito near places that humans regularly travel, and make no mistake, they are in some of these places. No matter how many times you hear it stated in the symbolism and programming, Sasquatch is not just seen way out in the middle of nowhere. You should be at this realization by now if you have really looked at these eyewitness statements. Florida is ad-ridiculem where this is concerned. Take some time to read and look into our sightings and you'll see some of the most amazing things in the history of reports-ever reported on earth- in our records.

SO, now comes the mapping part of your journey, you must be patient and thorough again.
look for the trees on the map that match the areas of the encounter. Correlate the patterns with the map of the areas in question.
Times are important, and one last thing. A night investigation is fun, and mine have produced results that were undeniable to my team and I. But when was the last time you saw a good picture of a squatch taken at night? Fact is, my encounter was in daylight, my son's in daylight, thousands of others, in daylight, Patterson footage-daylight. The Idea that Sasquatch is primarily a nocturnal species is like saying humans are nocturnal because they move about at night a lot. That thinking has caused more difficulty than it has ever been worth. Yes, it's productive, but the majority of reports where the eyewitness got a good look or a photo, were obviously in broad daylight.
It is my opinion, they are 'round the clockers' who sleep when they need to.
 But what do I know, I only- planned an objective investigation in the way I've stated here, Identified several patterns from the reports deemed "Hallucinatory" by science, developed theory directly from these so called "psychotic episodes" on where, when, why and how, then executed several expeditions producing dozens of tracks, a close call in which I was screamed at by what sounded like a giant, and two physical sightings, my son's and mine. Using this plan and technique I have been in proximity to this species of wild giant and so have the people who were with me. 

For the arrogantly titled- Ignorance is bliss, but then you're not ignorant are you? Awareness is sometimes difficult to achieve and the truth is uncomfortable to accept, particularly if you've already been playing the role yourself. YOU may tell yourself you "know" all of this is just not possible to begin with as so many like you do.
If you are educated, you are at a disadvantage, I say this because you have been exposed to contradictory "opinion" about all of this, "Unicorns and leprechauns" and in order to get that degree you depend on for your lively hood, you have had to take tests on these contradictory opinions to show that you have indeed absorbed said opinions and can prove your allegiance to those contradictory principles. 
Deep down, somewhere in that remnant of objective curiosity, you know there is more to these reports than just mis-identification, hallucination or mental illness. 
Deep down you know that in the past-in your schooling or careers at some point when you've tried to take that left turn into uncharted territory, into the "NO, NO" zone, you were instantly scolded like a child by your own mind, and much worse a colleague. Secretly you fear this discussion.
YOU KNOW I SPEAK THE TRUTH, WE ARE ALL SUBJECT TO THIS SUPPRESSION and everything that comes along with it. If you are "that" individual, you should be ashamed of yourself, for you should know full well the implications of what we are in truth seeing out there. You have been turned from principled objectivity, to a self-preservative form of subjectivity where this subject is concerned, but at least you get to keep that piece of paper that hangs on your office wall. "The Coward dwells withing us all, some face fear, most don't."

More to come....

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"How to put yourself in close proximity to a Bigfoot, the series" Part 1. Finding your research area"

In this series we will explore how to develop theory from Bigfoot eyewitness statements and apply it to choosing a research area. We will cover everything you need to do and know to sucessfully locate an area with Bigfoot activity, plan and execute an expedition and put yourself and your team in the best possible position to find tracks and even have an encounter. This is how I FOUND Bigfoot.

Part-1 Finding a viable research area.
I have executed several of my own Bigfoot expeditions here in the state of Florida, all ending in success. I say that because even if while exploring an area I found no evidence of the species I was able to theorize WHY I found no evidence of the species in the area. In this post you will learn how I planned the expeditions that changed my life and showed me what is real. I started with a desire to know the truth, and I was skeptical about what I would find though open minded and excited to get started. I spent 11 years developing these concepts on my own. They may compare to others, but these are mine. I did not seek help from other researchers on how to do this, that is why I took so long before my initial expedition. However...
I have planned and executed 9 Bigfoot field expeditions to date.
This is how I ended up putting myself in close proximity on 5 separate occasions in 5 different parts of the state of Florida. I am convinced now that if you have a desire to learn and do the work that is necessary, you will FIND AND EVENTUALLY SEE A BIGFOOT by following these simple directions.

First and foremost, baby steps is where this begins. There is much more work to be done planning a successful expedition than the time spent on the expedition itself.
 It simply will not do to choose an area of investigation without an investigation of the history of the area first.
It is particularly important to understand that you do not have to be in the middle of nowhere to see a Bigfoot. It is a fact that 99% of the sightings on record occurred in areas that were not in the middle of nowhere.The fact is-most people don't spend a lot of time in the middle of no where.
They were near human habitations, travel routes, camping or hunting areas, National Parks, even inside rural town limits. If this sounds off, do your homework and you will find the same important pattern in occurance.
This is important to remember because it points to potential patterns in the activities of the species and it's relationship to human activities and development.
After you find an online data base with sightings in area of interest, a long history of sightings, you will need to start making notes based on some important questions. No matter how old the sightings may be, if they have been sighted in the area within the last 10 years, they are probably still there.
All-beit, this will be theory at first, it will begin to lead you in the right direction as it did for me.

Take each statement made by eyewitnesses in the reports seriously, do not doubt a single word, less you miss a valuable clue. That could turn the entire process into a waste of time instead of a sighting of your own. Most eyewitnesses had no desire to see what they saw and given the nature of the absorbed symbolism of the Bigfoot subject in the public's consciousness and the real psychological trauma that a sighting causes, you are lucky to have the information in the first place.
These were some of the questions I asked after reviewing as many sighting as I could from the same areas.
Where? When? Why? Who? How?
*Make accurate notes based on exactly what the eyewitness stated in the report about anything that stands out including; What, where, when and how- or Time of day, time of year or season, behaviors they witnessed, how many were seen, and so on. Details are important at this phase of the investigation.

I gave my area of investigation a 25-50 mile radius and narrowed that radius with more study.

Next, take your notes and go to google earth and pull up the general area on "SATELLITE."
Pull up the map to show the whole county that the history of sightings occurred in.

Using the questions above look at the satellite image.
Where was it seen compared to the sat image? I can personally guarantee that somewhere on the image you view, there will be a preserve, wildlife area, forest or a forest corridor that leads into one of the above.
If you see any of these on the map, congratulations, you have found your very first clue in the pattern that will lead you to evidence of the species and the knowledge that all this is real!

Now, print out a copy of the satellite image and place it in front of you. Once you have the image in front of you refer back to your sightings database and mark off the locations of the sightings on your copy, try to be as accurate as you can be when marking the spot of each encounter.

You now have a map that represents an area of Bigfoot activity and also a potentially viable area of investigation.
Repeat the entire process for every single region you are finding a history of sightings, and you will begin to see undeniable patterns in the activities of the species and you will also begin to see other important things.
Start asking why about everything contained in the witness statements, finding the motives of the Bigfoot are the keys to solving the riddle of why they were there in the first place and determining the highest probability for where they are right now, and that is why you are doing this in the first place.
Anybody can look for tracks and eventually find one or two if they cover enough area, but can you put yourself in the right place at the right time to actually see one or get visual proof that this species is real, without spending 25 years to do it?
That is why you are a Bigfoot researcher, so you can see one, right? Taking the time to do this type of investigation will pay off, but you must keep on going, this was the first step.
Step two: You have a map of a viable area to plan an expedition that has a history of encounters and sightings. Believe it or not, that is the hardest part of the equation, you have narrowed your search area to one place.
Now, let's look at the actual area again on google earth, pull it up and this time zoom in to street level, follow the perimeters around the areas in question. Find the general areas that the sightings occurred in and look at everything.
What is the area? A Forest, a preserve, a hunting area, a swamp? What does the terrain look like?
What kind of trees do you see? Your area may actually contain all of the above like my primary research area does.
Now comes the part that a lot of researchers miss in their thinking-Think like you yourself are living out there all year long through the seasons, year after year.
What would your primary considerations need to be to not only survive, but thrive in the area?

*WATER, FOOD AND SHELTER the three primary considerations for every creature on on planet earth, land or sea.

Now, let's talk about water, (clean water).
Any water source is fine in a pinch, but fresh, clean water is what YOU would prefer right? Find the, fresh clean water source in the area-Make this top priority. As a general rule, if your area is in the Mountains, the higher up you go, the cleaner and colder the water becomes.
You may get lucky and find only one viable clean water source. Most areas have more than one. It may be a deep cold lake, a mountain stream, or a spring fed creek. *Most swamps are not viable sources of fresh water because normally they contain tepid and standing water unless there is a current moving the water through the swamp. In that case, the southern end or downstream end of the area will contain the cleanest water. The current will push the dirty water through the natural vegitation and filter it as it moves through the swamp, finding the cleanest water in the area is easy if there is current, this will be obvious because most prey species will do the same, you will find the tracks of smaller animals at the water hole. Which brings us to our next concern to focus on.
FOOD-"The lion never strays too far from the gazelle" or "You're never too far from your own refrigerator are you?" This may sound simple, and by all is, but it's also true.
Based on my studies in the field,  Bigfoot are omnivores, they eat whatever they can, when every they can, as you would if you had live like they do.
They are opportunistic feeders by nature here in Florida and I believe everywhere else.
They hunt, they scavenge, they dig, they wade in the water, they rip apart trees and bushes to get whatever they can to eat as you would need to do. The seasons of the year are the primary controlling factor in determining the diet of the Bigfoot that have been seen in your area of question. Keep in mind there are only a few circumstances that a Bigfoot will reveal itself knowingly to humans-one of them is FOOD.
Carnivorous feeding has been witnessed. It is an absolute in Bigfoot survival and will continue to be a part of a Bigfoot's diet wherever they choose to live. Based on my reasearch I believe this is a primary concern when they choose to occupy a territory for a long period of time.
That is to say, as long as there is some source of game to hunt, fresh water and a reasonable spot to shelter, it does not matter if we humans frequent the area.
Any hunter will agree with this statement; "Don't leave deer to find deer."
Is it easier to stay on the food or to go find more. They will choose to stay in the area and even defend the area as their own from intruders. At least until they are overwhelmed.
Think about it, humans do the same thing. Many encounters between humans and Bigfoot, including some very disturbing or frightening encounters have occurred when a hunter had apparently intruded on a Bigfoot's hunting ground. Many hunters have witnessed Bigfoot hunting and killing prey including wild hogs, deer, elk, and caribou. You can look these encounters up yourself by appropriate region based on the wildlife mentioned to see that this has indeed been witnessed.
My own sighting in 2013 involved circumstances where the Bigfoot I saw seemed to be trailing and paralleling a group of hog hunters, while they were actively firing shotguns at hogs. That is the only explanation I can come up with for what I witnessed given the circumstances of the encounter. If you would like to read about my incredible sighting-
  (see this link)
What are the specific wild-life species in the area that you are looking at? Deer, Wild Hogs? Identify each one.
When are the seasons the specific species of hunt-able wildlife is most prevalent? 
When do they have young or babies? What months?
Are they most abundant when hunting seasons open to the public?

As I stated before my research indicates that Bigfoot are "Omivorous" in their feeding habits.
What edible plant species are in the area in question? Berries, roots, wild onions? This changes drastically based on region, season and rainfall in your given area.

Now on to shelter, think....It's not that difficult to figure this one out.
If your area is a swamp, look for the highest ground in the swamp, they will be there.
If your area is in the mountains, the highest peak in the area is where I would build my castle, how bout you?

Now comes the good must begin the arduous and painstaking task of comparing all this data you compile, to the witness statements to look for patterns and possible links between what you know about the area, the wildlife/prey, plants, and water and the who, what, where, when, and how of the witness statements.
Do not give up, the patterns will emerge sooner or later, whether it is a correlation between time of year, a water source, the wet season, hunting season, breeding season for the prey and so on....there may be several there may only be one, but the pattern is there, it's up to you to uncover it !!!

Up next- Now What?

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"The plain truth is ridiculously obvious"

It's no secret that what we know so far about the species is entirely because the eyewitness and armchair un-official research community has carried the subject for many years. If you know anything about my research then you know that statement is true. I've said it before and here again is the disgusting fact of our very existence. "If science had done what they claim they are there to do, we would have verified this species existence decades ago, possibly centuries ago.
 Our reality as researchers and why we are here in this position trying to provide evidence to the same group of individuals that have shunned our like for many years is not a popular subject to discuss. I admit it, it's frustrating to have converstation about this, but it is a necessary part of the process of revealing past failers in scientific acceptance of our evidence and eyewitness accounts as valid. We have no support from mainstream science at its top levels because as of yet no one has confronted these people about any of this from our community.
This is not because what we saw wasn't real, as so many of our educated critics like to claim, but because as eyewitnesses and concerned people we are literally being victimized by scientific bias, and an agenda of disruptive disinformation. A campaign of very public, social and cyber bullying that rivals the worst examples of prejudicial, scientific bias in history and it will eventually go down as having been that when the species is finally validated. We've been telling the truth, your all wrong!
For all our considerable efforts to produce what "SCIENCE" and any of the other "SCOFFING JACKASSES" would supposedely consider "Irrefutable" proof of the species, as of yet, they claim, we have found nothing that would even tease science into serious investigation. How can this be? with thousands of people here in the U.S. and even more across the planet in other countries that have been witness to the species existence including me. I myself have found many tracks in the field that can only be attributed to some unverified species of giant being that leaves a human type track. I have seen that it is real!
There is no official funding for real scientific research from the Academies of science world wide because we are, ALL of us being victimized psychlogically into thinking we are somehow responsible for this and science is not. Until we break out of this dead end cycle we have been stuck in for decades and unite as one group that will not back down about this and we confront those that are resposible to validate new species, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Most people are blissfully unaware that it's been over a hundred years here in the U.S. that the public has been looking into this with no help from science that we know of.
 I believe it's safe to say that science has thus far shown all of us they have no desire to listen.

 That's why I started the Bigfoot Research Council, with the goal to confront science at its top levels and get research into the species the official funding it deserves. The goal here is to first confront the subjective terminology that has held us at bay so long and introduce new terminology that is more respectful. This would open up a respectful line of communication in the isssue.
(SEE-"Terms of your surrender" and other pertinent posts here on the journal for more info on the current terminology that is killing us)

Self evaluation is the key;
Why am I forced to seek answers about this when I am not a scientist to begin with?
Who should be looking into this for all the Americans who say that they have seen this species?
Why aren't they doing it?
How can I help change this?

These are the right questions to ask yourself. Here is a video from 3 years ago when I filed a petition with the white house to look into the eyewitness statements. I have actively pursued official recognition for this species for a very long time. We all know they know, it's time to force the issue!


Not Your Ordinary Bigfoot Blog

Yes, we research Bigfoot in the field and have for years, but that research resulted in finding evidence of the species, interaction between my team and them, and two separate sightings. We know it's real, having seen two different types here in Florida with our own two eyes. Belief doesn't even enter into the equation any more, we know. Do you? If you do "know" then get involved in helping us to unite this research community to confront scientific denial of the species. Get involved or Donate a buck or two to help us get science to show this subject the level of respect it deserves. Ultimately, we are not the only human type being here on earth, what could be more important to study!

If you read through the posts on this blog you will begin to get the picture.  Help the Bigfoot Research Council to do what needs to be done about this: click the link and donate today!

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Science is Waiting for you to SPEAK UP!

Our project has an important goal. We want to get full scale scientific involvement in research.
The funding that goes to snail research is obscene here is an example of how funds are prioritized and distributed for "Worthwhile" research? Click link and enjoy the irony that you encourage by not getting involved in this serious campaign to confront these organizations into funding what should be the most important discovery in history! Here ya go $880,000.00 to watch snails have sex?

Help us Help you, Donate today and get involved in changing Bigfoot research for good!
Enjoy the ride guys!

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"Why do we need to confront science about official Bigfoot research funding?"

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I had a conversation a few years ago at work with a co-worker who asked me about my research. He said he was just curious. I weighed his approach and evaluated my past involvement in conversations with him. I agreed to tell him and as I tried to give him a basic understanding about what I saw and what I have experienced, he looked stunned at first, then I could see the doubt flow into his eyes, it suddenly occurred to me that this person had absolutely no idea what was running around out in the swampy wilderness just a few miles from his house. As the conversation ended I took a few "Skeptical" shots across the bow, shook them off and when I got home that day set about finding answers to how it is that so many people have no Idea that this species is real. In this blog you will see all of my field research and experiences in great detail taken directly from my field journals as my research unfolded in real time. You will see the actual trail I followed to explain why this community exists and the real reasons why our research community chose to go try to prove this FOR science instead of confronting science about investigation into this FOR us. None of the "reasoning" that our community has for the lack of scientific involvement and funding for research is reasonable justification for the disrespect we continue to endure. I refuse to comment or participate in any more conversation that involves our research community "PROVING" Bigfoot is real FOR a Scientific community that could do in weeks what we've tried to do in decades and end this debate once and for all.
Not withstanding the obvious explanations for why it's so difficult to acquire solid evidence for the species i.e: Their size, speed, power and having evolved in the environments we really struggle in when we choose enter them, there was a less obvious answer that no one was really getting into-science has failed us.
There is an obvious resistance to look into this subject for all the people that have seen it that science as a whole has demonstrated for over a hundred years. Most of the time in fact and to this very day, when you read comments from scientists about this subject it is more about the armchair research community than it is about the species. They use the community to symbolize and justify not looking into it when the reality is that we only exist because of what we know and more importantly -the fact that they have created a conflict of information by denying the possibility that the species is real in the first place. Who are you to tell me I didn't just see what I so obviously saw, however incredible it may seem. I know what I saw.

At this stage in the game with so many Americans that have witnessed first hand that this is a real flesh and blood being, including myself...the resistance science is still showing all of us has to be considered disrespect. As Americans and as people who have seen this species, our sightings and descriptions of what we have observed deserve more respect from everyone, especially our scientific community. Yet here we are, a hundred years and counting having the same stupid debates all over the planet about what we saw with people who don't have a leg to stand on because they were not there to see what we saw. Science is unwilling to acknowledge our experiences and begin serious investigation into all these witness statements. 
Science has assumed the responsibility of explaining all of the creatures of this planet, they can look into this and the fact is...they haven't. Why? 
This is why the public is unable to act on what is so obviously the most important discovery ever made by human kind.  This is why there is a stigma attached to eyewitness statements before they are ever heard and this is why to this very day, we argue with each other night and day about every aspect of this subject. We have no real science or data that has been validated by the controlling scientific monarchy, the people that have control over validation of scientific data.
We are repeatedly shot down as eyewitnesses and researchers, the tracks we find are considered "Alleged" and all samples of hair or DNA continue to come back as either human or some arbitrary species. We may have been told the truth about what the sample turned out to be...HUMAN. They appear to be at least part human yet science repeatedly "CLAIMS" the sample was contaminated without ever completing the examination process- IDENTIFY THE CONTAMINANT AND TELL US WHAT IT IS-SEPARATE THE CONTAMINANT FROM THE RESPECTIVE DNA AND RETEST IT. 
We have not been successful thus far in working together with science because science is not working with us yet. I believe that If we draw our numbers together and unite as a mass of very serious individuals who will not back off and have every intention of making sciences disrespectful attitude toward the eyewitnesses, the tracks and the research community, make it a public event, where the entire country can see what is really going on for the first time....we will begin to get results. Maybe it will take a few tries, but if they do turn down our requests at first, the public will then come to our aid. People want to know once and for all if what we have been saying as eyewitnesses and researchers is true. 
Here is one Academic who is very interested in helping our community but can not get it done because science has behaved unscientifically for over a hundred years about what we all know is real!

Contact me at
Donate to our campaign to get this done! Click link below

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15 Years of faithful Bigfoot investigation!

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So, today is my Birthday, but I want to give you a gift.
Another year has passed and I've learned a lot about what I saw that day and even more about what is actually preventing the validation of what I saw that day.
Again, I say it's got nothing to do with "Bigfoot" or it being "elusive" or any of the other typical excuses we hear every day for why there is supposedly no evidence that the species exists. I just told you it is real, and so have thousands of other people. It has to do with me, and you, the Bigfoot eyewitnesses, the researchers, the public.
Here is my gift to you, the research community-
These words that follow this sentence should be investigated thoroughly in how they apply to you, to us, and to our perceptions both past and present about this subject. Because understanding how these words and phrases have effected our thinking is the key to unlocking the truth about "Why" we think what we think about our subject and "Why" we say and do the things we do or really...don't do the things we should, to press forward in the right directions for validation of the species. Understanding our own minds and the certain "Map-able" consistencies of our symbol responsive consciousness is the key to recognizing the arbitrary, subliminally induced cages that have held us all for decades, and that we are blissfully unaware of. In the last three years I have repeatedly tried to convey this and other information in order to provide explanations for why nothing is being done officially to validate our experiences, sightings and what we all know in this research community is really real. All of these "Terms" are clues, or crumbs that led me to solution oriented thinking on our subject. 

"Semiotics and Human Consciousness"
"Understanding the application of semiotic studies in television programming"
"Applications of Semiotics in Programming and Politics"
"Terministic screens"
"Symbol implementation"
"Symbol dependence"
"Objective Evaluation"
"Subjective Evaluation"
"Social Programming"
"Cultural Programming"
"Mass Cultural Programming"

Semiotics is the study of human consciousness and awareness, and of the signs of what our consciousness responds to most. To that extent, that in and of itself is of no value, until the findings of semioticis studies are then implemented in mass programming, whatever media, to suit a predetermined agenda. When that occurs I liken it's effects to an invisible atomic bomb being used on us without our knowledge, for it has effected mankind as negatively. We have all been victimized by those who use this information for their own gain, in many ways and until you become aware that semiotics exists, you literally have a lot of help making up your mind about a great many things without you even knowing it's going on. The keys to the kingdom of all human consciousness are in the hands of the few who could care less if your truly free or not. Free your mind, it's worth your time!

Help us help you click the link below and get involved today!

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"The Terms of the Surrender of Your Common Sense"

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Science needs to do their job and officially fund Bigfoot research.
You might think upon reading the title of this post that this subject has nothing to do with Bigfoot or you your self, but if you are a real flesh and blood person, and you live here in the programming capital of the world, "AMERICA" you are in need of a common sense tune up by way of a few very important pieces of information. If you are like me, you may already be aware that there is something seriously wrong going on in Bigfoot research, and it's got nothing to do with Bigfoot itself.

Here are some of the "TERMS" that have manipulated you into a cycle that repeats itself and goes nowhere. You have accepted all of this over time and surrendered your common sense for active symbol dependence.

Terminology that precludes all scientific findings, physical evidence and rational conclusion from the start- 
"Crypto-zoology"-The Search for Hidden Animals or elusive zoological specimens has been defined by many mainstream scientists as-
"A pseudo-science." or "False Science." 
Wrong, the discovery of new and well hidden as of yet uncatalogued species is a well funded mainstream scientific activity. The implementation of the term "Pseudo-science" has influenced public opinion on the validity of our research before it ever began, when the reality is- many species were very difficult to find and evaded scientific discovery for decades in the field. Make no mistake "Crypto-zoology" is a funded and well documented activity in scientific zoological circles. They just don't call it crypto-zoology, when the unofficially educated do it it's called crypto-zoology, when science looks for hidden specimens its called legitimate research.
We need to get these same individuals, the "legitimate research community" that term our research "invalid" to do what they call "Legitimate Research" into our subject matter.
 It wasn't that difficult for me to find evidence of the speicies in the field in the form of abnormally large human type tracks, and within a short time have a close encounter of my own and eventually a sighting at a short distance.
 It should be nothing for the army of well funded scientists that are currently studying "LESS IMPORTANT" aspects of our reality here on earth to validate this species but they haven't even flinched over what should represent the most significant realization in the history of mankind, we are not alone on earth as the only species of human type being. If you doubt that, look at a Bigfoot track or speak to an eyewitness who got a real good look.
They-(SCIENCE) cant have it both ways, this flagrant misuse of terminology and presumed authority has to be confronted in order to bring about change.

Terminology that keeps you off sciences back about Bigfoot and out trying to do what they should be doing-
Somehow in spite of the fact that science has labeled the entire Crypto-Zoological community as "Pseudo-Scientists" and done nothing but call "BIGFOOTERS" crazy, or even try to fire or deny advancement to their own kind who try to look into the subject with a serious eye-
There exists a firm belief in the minds of most of our crypto-zoological and Bigfoot research community that science can be trusted and WE the "Pseudo-Scientists" should go prove that the Bigfoot species is real FOR them. HA! That was a good trick! and many, many people all over the planet have bought a full subscription to that one, including...for a time, me.

 BUT, how has this gone on so long? and how is it being maintained when so many eyewitnesses and researchers are interested in the validation of the species?
One way is by getting you to think that you have to prove what you say you saw was real. By the implementation of simple and very clever word usage. "TERMINOLOGY"

The TERM "BURDEN OF PROOF" IS A LEGAL TERM NOT A SCIENTIFIC TERM. Yet somehow every body just buys into it because it has been thrown around by people for years.
We have all heard this statement:
"A man Claims to have seen the legendary Creature known as Bigfoot!" The implimentation of Clever psychological primer words like "Claims" or "allegedly" are the norm in the terminology we hear indeed.
Why not just say "A man says he saw a Bigfoot?"
"This is where, this is when, this is what he says he saw."
Is this a legal case? Why is the man who saw the Bigfoot being "Put On Trial" by terminology. Look for the use of these words whenever you watch anything to do with Bigfoot on television. You will be surprised how many times you are led to doubts by this kind of terminology.

There are underlying reinforcing measures going on all over the internet keeping you thinking you are unscientific and need to follow protocols to collect evidence. This is a great Idea, if we already had someone to take our evidence too, but we don't.

There are even groups on social media that by nature of what they advertise and what you see, ask you to join or promote membership as joining other researchers or interested parties, they then show that they are trying to reinforce the belief that most of our community of researchers are morons and all of our sightings and evidence amounts to nothing. They repeatedly claim eyewitnesses are not reliable, which in my opinion is not the case when considering the traumatic and controversial nature of what a sighting truly represents to eyewitnesses, I mean, I cant ever forget what I saw! That's what a sighting really is!
I have studied these groups and many individuals in these groups by way of confrontational interaction and If you take the time to see what they invariable do to our research community, they promote dependence on the same scientific community that is clearly "NOT" showing any of us an ounce of respect as eyewitnesses and researchers. They prey upon the fears of many about how we are not being taken seriously by science, and claim it's because we are unscientific in our research methods, NO SHIT, Most of us aren't scientists, and the fact is neither are they!
We must begin to identify what these real diversions are causing us. The promotion of  scientific dependence is not the solution to our problems. Promoting that eyewitnesses are responsible to prove this and that we carry the "BURDEN OF PROOF" has already been counterproductive for many decades. THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE BLINDED TO THESE FACTS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SOLUTION ORIENTED, THEY ARE CHAOS ORIENTED.
 "NOT" seeking funding and active investigation from science as a whole is literally the Cause of all of this. SCIENCE -They lay the burrden of Proof" on what They Openly Call a FALSE SCIENCE, US... and they themselves are funding the discoveries of new elusive primates every year. Your evidence is invalid, not because it is invalid or not real, but because they did not find it in the first place. If you disagree with this you need to do more research on the matter, I have and as a result I am not Symbol or socially dependent.
Science can not have it both ways, this Flagrant misuse of presumed authority will be confronted.

Take a few minutes to think on the ridiculous implications of the paragraph above. This is the foundation of the dissolution of all the evidence we find and the primary cause of the cycle this research community is stuck in that has lasted for over 60 years. A symbol has been created to represent all of our evidence as "NOT REAL"

Terminology that precludes eyewitness statements
While science funds expeditions to catalog new species every year with these efforts grounded in slim or anecdotal evidence in the first place, the evidence for Bigfoot is "derogatorily termed" "Anecdotal" Like "Anecdotal" reference is never pursued and new species have never been found as a direct result of anecdotal evidence. For that matter, ALL science is anecdotal until it is proven. Go ahead, disagree with that, why would you in the first place, are you defending the same entity that is belittling you? are you symbol dependent? Do you blindly seek to say "here, see...It's real we told you!"
Like a dependent child, or are you an intelligent fully grown American?
Examine your self and our prior attempts as eyewitnesses and researchers and you'll find that this term has precluded the possibility of you being reliable or truthful in the descriptions of what you saw and what we all continue to say to the scientific community.
They can not have it both ways, this flagrant misuse of "Terminology" and presumed authority will be confronted

Hallucination-  REALLY?
Don't even go there!

Symbols that make you think science as a whole is really interested in validation of what you know is real...Bigfoot -
Science searches for answers..on Monsterquest-all Bigfoot episodes are riddled with terminology that precludes validity despite the general serious tone of the show.
Finding Bigfoot, or As I like to call "Not Finding Bigfoot"
Ancient Aliens, the Bigfoot episode
Sasquatch, legend meets science
Bigfoot, the definitive guide 
10,000,000 Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

These are a few examples of the programming you have viewed, but what have you absorbed psychologically by watching these shows? If you go back and watch them carefully you will see that they are all "Terministically Screened" to implement the Idea that Bigfoot is probably or most likely an ape of the non-human classification. Well, I am an eyewitness and I saw human facial features, yes his face was pre-human like, but definitely not ape-like.

Here are the symbols that make you think science is really trying to do something about validating Bigfoot when the reality is....they have no support from their colleagues and in fact are or have been in danger of losing their jobs because they chose to look into Bigfoot.

Jeff Meldrum....almost fired...University staff demanded he be stripped of tenure years ago
John Bindernagal...almost fired over Bigfoot research
Grover Crantz...almost fired...denied tenure
Ivan Sanderson...almost fired...denied tenure
The list goes on and on.
These people need our help and as of yet the research community has not addressed the real issues that are preventing real scientific investigation of the species, the very real suppressive bias that we are all subject to, especially a scientist that looks into Bigfoot. Haven't you ever wondered why nothing has been done about this? Well, it's because we have all absorbed these false symbols and they have rendered our community incapable of rational evaluation and action against the real responsible parties, mainstream science. Scientific Accountability to the American people needs to become a reality, and we want to help make that happen.

We cannot have scientists that are unscientific and biased ruining the careers of those scientists that are trying to be objective and examine the existence of this species. Quite frankly if you disagree with that, you should probably quit Bigfoot research altogether.

This extortive, unscientific denial and abuse of presumed authority will be confronted, they cannot have it both ways.
You may think that we need scientists to help us to confront science, and I believe that too...right now we have a Field Biologist and an Anthropologist, and 3 police officers who are all eyewitnesses including the scientists. Plain talk is how we will get this done.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bigfoot, the snail eating wild man of Palm Beach County

This is the 16 inch track that lead me to my first encounter
I read a report filed online that detailed an incredible sighting in my area. I was shocked that these things were still going on and could still happen. I began to look into all of it, and since then I started watching what was going on when I was out fishing in these places and while I spent my time in the deep wilderness areas here in Florida. Always in the back of my mind, I knew at any moment it could walk right out in front of me. But I also knew a simple chance encounter was unlikely and I would have to dedicate my time and focus in order to find evidence, so for the first time I began researching and planning my own expedition.
I will pose a simple hypothesis:
If mainstream science is correct about Bigfoot not being real, all of the eyewitnesses who said they saw Bigfoot are wrong. Science openly tells the whole world that every single sighting, no matter who or how many eyewitnesses were involved, that It was a case of misidentification or hallucination. I say this because to this very day, they do not acknowledge that Bigfoot is real. If they are right, then I will find no evidence of Bigfoot if I use those same sightings as a base for my research.
Bigfoot doesn’t exist, that’s what they say. “They’re right and the thousands upon thousands of people that testify to seeing a Bigfoot are wrong.”
To prove science wrong for my own knowledge on the subject; I based all of my research on eyewitness reports. I focused on where they saw the Bigfoot, when they saw the Bigfoot, and what they saw in the behavior of the Bigfoot being or beings that they saw to develop a strategy for proving either way what was going on.    
“The accounts that follow represent the full scope of my field research to date, however impossible these things may seem to you; this is exactly how the events unfolded in the order they occurred. All of these experiences were a direct result of theory developed from the statements of eyewitnesses here in Florida.
These experiences were the driving force behind my research into the cover up of the existence of this species and the ultimately the facts contained in this blog. I think it’s necessary for you to understand how I came from ignorance to awareness and I hope it helps you do the same.”
Using eyewitness statements and reports from the state of Florida only-I was able to identify patterns in behavior and develop theory for application in the field.
Based on a great many reports I proposed that a large “Human-type” being, trying to survive in the wetlands and swamps of Florida would surely have to be an opportunistic feeder with an “omnivorous” diet.
Western Palm Beach County, Grassy Waters Preserve; Late April 2012
Based on one of these “False reports” I’d read online, a very large, hairy creature was seen by four people in the Grassy Waters Preserve in 2004. The preserve covers roughly 20,000 acres and is mostly wetland prairie and cypress swamp. The married couple was in the park that day to go canoeing, they had their own canoe but the rangers told them they were not allowed to use it or venture out into the park on their own, this in itself is strange since the “Public” supposedly owns the preserve.
In the report the husband stated that he was irritated over this because they had already waited for over an hour for the park to open and had traveled a good distance to get there. He eventually conceded to the escort and they both walked down the boardwalk to the canoe rental and launch area ahead of the rangers. It was there at the launch area that they first saw it, across the prairie a couple of hundred yards away.
According to the couple’s statement, one of the rangers arrived on the scene a minute or so later and they pointed out the creature to her. She immediately ran back to get the other ranger who was still at the front office. The two park rangers arrived back on the scene together minutes later to see that the creature was still there. The married couple stated that all four of them, rangers included; watched the subject for over five minutes.
They stated that “It” was bent over and at times kneeled at the base of cypress trees as it continued down the edge of the cypress hammock in the shallow water. All four witnesses got a very good look at the Bigfoot it was approximately a hundred yards away from the group. Apparently it was indeed humanoid in appearance, was very large and heavily muscled but was completely covered in reddish brown hair all over its body.
All four watched as it was removing something from within the bases of the cypress trees and looked to be feeding on whatever it was pulling out.
Upon reading this and other reports from a 30 year period in the area, I called the park immediately. After several failed attempts to get Grassy Waters/Corbit wildlife management area park officials to comment on the 2004 report that was filed by the witnesses, and for that matter any other ones, and the “Kneejerk” reaction I had received from the “new” staff and park officials regarding any research that I would be conducting inside the park in the future, I decided to conduct my own reconnaissance of the park, without “official permission.”
What other choice did I have? They should have just been honest, instead they stonewalled me.
Going back to this eyewitness report, this was not the first time this type of behavior was reported by witnesses. Based on multiple eyewitness reports from several different eco-regions of Florida, I theorized that the Bigfoot here feed on all types of “Shelled Invertebrates.” The reports suggest they do seem to actively seek out and eat all types of “shell dwellers,” including but not limited to; snails, crabs, fresh and salt water mussels and clams and oysters. At night, most “mobile” Shell Dwellers-(Snails) will come out from their daytime hiding spots to do whatever it is they do, and just before dawn they head for the cover of thick weeds, and the base of the nearest cypress tree. There is also a species of grub that bores into the plentiful palms and the softer pulpy meat of the cypress tree. I proposed that other than the small mammals that inhabit the occasional dry hammocks when Florida’s Bigfoot move through these wetland areas; these “shell dwellers” are easy to find and represent a large part of their diets.
For the first time in my research I’d found a pattern of behavior. I started researching the snails immediately. There are several types of snails found here in Florida, one in particular, the “Apple Snail” gets very big. They actually grow to the size of a baseball.
People eat snails they’re easy to catch, they’re actually a good source of protein, so why not a Bigfoot.  After all they’re snails, they’re going nowhere in a hurry.
I studied satellite maps of the areas in question to find the closest cypress hammocks to the most isolated dry areas. These, I thought would be the areas I would have the best chance to find evidence.
All the while I was examining reports, I noticed that most of the eyewitnesses said that although the creature had hair all over like an ape, it seemed more human than ape. My thoughts continued to work with the idea that the evidence points to the species being of the human classification, or human-primate.
“I don’t know of any other creature on earth that despises being caged or fenced-in more than man.”
Using the philosophy above and a common sense approach, I decided to check the fences that skirt the entire perimeter of the park first. Incidentally I built these fences in the early 1990’s while working for a local fence company. We’d bid on the contract a few months earlier and none of us were looking forward to the huge job if we got it, and we did. The weird thing is we were told by our foreman to “Reverse” the angle of the barbed wire on the top of the 8 foot fence, from the typical outward facing position that is designed to keep people out of the fenced in area to the “inward” facing position. We asked him why they wanted the wire angled on the inside of the fence and he replied, “I guess they want to keep something from getting out.” We spent 6 months fencing the swampy perimeter with the wire facing inside the park. I remember the gators were all over us, and at times we had to stop when they got to aggressive.
I figured if I had to eat and there was a fence in between me and my breakfast, the fence was going down. As it turned out, it was a good Idea.
In a 3 mile stretch of the barbed wire perimeter fencing that surrounds the entire park, I found three spots that were not only downed, but they were downed intelligently from inside the park. This was obvious, I found  in each spot, a large piece of tree, each piece of tree was around twelve feet long, and probably weighed close to  five or six hundred pounds. The segments of rotted tree had been dragged from the forest, inside the park, and dropped on top of the eight foot barbed wire perimeter fence. The logs appeared to have been used to first crush down the fence and then, logically…they appeared to have been used as makeshift “ramps” to get over the fence and out of the park. I pulled over at the north east end of the preserve at a small canal by the perimeter fence. The canal was approximately a half mile or so from the last escape ramp I had seen. I was not going into the area looking for Bigfoot, I was undercover, a simple fisherman, I was simply fishing the canal. I grabbed my fishing rod and set about my business. I walked for a while down the canal making casts from time to time. I found signs of wild hogs everywhere. They’re a feral species here in Florida, wild hog populations have skyrocketed over the course of the last fifty years. They tear up the ground in large swatches feeding, or “Rooting” as we say down here. They damage the environments they inhabit and are considered a nuisance. However, they are also easier to catch than a deer and probably represent a large part of the Sasquatches’ diet here in the south. As I walked the bank glancing around carefully, I came upon something odd. There in the water, at the edge of the canal, was a large, flat rock with freshly smashed apple snail shells, and fresh water muscle shells all over it and right next to it was the soft ball sized rock that was used to smash them on the larger rock. After I looked at this curiously for a second, it struck me like lightning. Someone was eating these snails and mussels, these disgusting slimy things. It was obvious it took hands to accomplish this feat and get to the “Slimy surprise” inside.
 “Could it be a bum, perhaps?” I thought a second. I’d never seen a homeless person this far out in the country, and boy, he would have to be real hungry to want to eat some of those things. I glanced around and found some of the weeds were disturbed a foot or so out into the water. I reached out and cleared the weeds away, revealing two perfect, sixteen-inch human foot shaped punch holes on the bottom. I glance up the steep bank and saw two more successive disturbances in the sugar sand. I was dumbfounded. I followed the trail up the bank and traced out the possible route in the grass, and straight ahead, about twenty feet away, the barbed wire perimeter fence of the preserve was flattened to the ground. I walked over to the fence-line. The cover just inside the fence was deep grass, and then a few yards more was a very thick wall of jungle.
I stepped over the broken fencing and proceeded into the preserve. Right inside the smashed down fence I found another 16 inch track. I noticed my feet were not permanently mashing down the grass as I stepped. Whatever left this track was really big and heavy and had a human shaped foot. I shot footage of the track with my cell phone. When I looked up to follow the trail and see if there were more tracks, I saw there was a very strange looking tunnel into the very thick, twenty foot high jungle. The game trail was not only obvious on the ground, but so was the seven foot high “Hole” through the overgrown wall of plant-life. As I approached the hole in the thick bushes I noticed that it was made…not natural, as the branches were snapped off around the sides and over head creating a passageway. I thought a moment about what I was considering. All of this was real fresh, possibly only hours old. Was someone still here, somewhere close? Was I going to find some homeless encampment with a guy with abnormally large bare feet and snails on his breath? I had to know. So I walked into the hole and followed the trail.
The heat was unbearable. All kinds of spiders and unfamiliar bugs were getting all over me. I smacked at them repeatedly. As I made my way in I noticed the work that had been done to create the tunnel trail I was on. I kept thinking it was so unbearable, who would want to be in here? Eventually I came upon a spot where the tunnel opened up into a big circular area, around fifteen feet in diameter. Still under the canopy of trees and vines-shafts of light from the ceiling penetrated all around me. It was dead quiet. No birds or noise, except the sound of the tractor trailers rumbling in the distance on the highway my car was parked on. I caught a whiff of something I had never smelled before. It was like a really nasty, unclean, person mixed with an animal odor.  I listened for a second and heard nothing. I decided I would stir things up a bit, so at the top of my lungs I let out three very “roarishly” aggressive screams.
 Right then in the bushes around thirty feet away, outside the clearing, something groaned deeply with an obvious and very clear, irritated tone. The bush popped and rustled a little bit, to me, it sounded like someone stood up. I could hear faint, deep mouth breathing and wheezing. I’m telling you right now I am not afraid of much that I have ever seen or heard in the state of Florida, but right then, at that moment…I nearly fainted. My anxiety was palpable.
 I had no Idea what was going to happen next. I couldn’t see him, but I could feel his presence intensely. It was ominous. My blood ran cold, the hair on my arms and neck was on end. A second or two later the most incredible thing that had ever me up to that point in my research happened.
“He” copied my exact three screams, but intelligently, he added a sarcastic inflection at the end of each. They were directed right at me, there was no question about that. I felt each scream in my chest. They were impossibly powerful.
 I was in full panic mode at that point, I was alone and frozen with fear. Many things flashed through my mind all at the same time. I did not know what to do. Would he charge at me? Should I run? Then he took off, smashing everything in his path. Although I could hear only one set of feet thumping, the noise level of the damage being done was like ten big men going nuts. At first I thought he was coming at me…he was going to get me. The next thing I knew…I was tearing through the bush in the opposite direction…I had lost all control of myself and was on my way back out the tunnel trail. I was in full flight, survival sprint mode. To my own horror…I fell a few times. I ran into a few trees, broken branches, and got caught in several vines that seemed to reach out for me. I felt like the cliché movie victim that keeps falling, and tripping on every stupid thing. In my mind…He was going get me. I think I even made those guttural panicky sounds as I ran. Finally I cleared the tunnel and downed fence. I peeled to the right and headed towards the car. I ran the entire way back to the car at full speed glancing behind me occasionally, terrified of what I might see. I must have looked insane.
I got to the car, collapsed on the ground on the far side of the vehicle and peeked over the trunk, I was in shock.  I couldn’t catch my breath. My heart was pounding out of my chest. A semi truck rumbled past on the road behind me and I shuttered. I was completely, one hundred percent-freaked out of my mind.
Eventually as the moments passed I settled down and honestly, I had trouble accepting what had just happened to me. I didn’t want to believe it. For a minute, I couldn’t believe it. I tried to tell myself it wasn’t real. Then…as the moments went by…I came to grips with the reality that I was  not still in my bed, I was covered from head to toe in sweat, bugs, cuts and mud. It was the single most surreal moment of my life…up to that point.
I can tell you absolutely that what did in fact scream at me from the thick cover just ahead of my position and then ran off on two very powerful legs smashing down everything in its path…Was not a bear or a normal human being. It was not an ape or a monkey of some type, it was something else and although it did sound very human and intelligent; it also sounded like a “Giant” human being in the ultra deep tone and sheer power of its voice.
It was that moment; I was confronted by some very important questions. “How was this actually happening to me?”  “How don’t they, meaning the authorities, know this is real?” “Someone has to know this is going on.” As I left the area in my car, on the busy highway, I realized I’d left my fishing pole leaning against a bush back at the trail head. I made a U-turn and pulled back in. I cautiously snuck back to the trail head, retrieved my fishing pole and jogged back to my car.
In the days that followed I questioned myself a thousand times and listened to every possible recording of a Bigfoot that I could find on the internet. It’s funny; the craziest sounding recordings I found, sounded like “Taz” from “looney tunes,” and those were the ones most similar to the deep tone of what I heard. There was no question in my mind.
Take it or leave it, I know the tracks I found that day and the yells I heard were unlike any I’d ever seen or heard in Florida. I couldn’t get past the “Human” tone and obvious emotional inflection of the yells that were directed at me. This couldn’t have been an ape. If I could see and hear all of this; the park officials had to know what was going on, I mean they’re in the park every day right?

I have no tolerance for being brushed off or given a superficial answer about this subject. I never have so deeper and deeper I go.

I began my investigation into the “other” side of the Bigfoot subject; the possibility of a “cover up” of the existence of this human type species and the fact that they are indeed living in our wilderness areas or in my case, just west of town. “Giant hairy wild men!” it sounds ridiculous when you say it.
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