Friday, November 7, 2014

Not Your Ordinary Bigfoot Blog

Yes, we research Bigfoot in the field and have for years, but that research resulted in finding evidence of the species, interaction between my team and them, and two separate sightings. We know it's real, having seen two different types here in Florida with our own two eyes. Belief doesn't even enter into the equation any more, we know. Do you? If you do "know" then get involved in helping us to unite this research community to confront scientific denial of the species. Get involved or Donate a buck or two to help us get science to show this subject the level of respect it deserves. Ultimately, we are not the only human type being here on earth, what could be more important to study!

If you read through the posts on this blog you will begin to get the picture.  Help the Bigfoot Research Council to do what needs to be done about this: click the link and donate today!

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