Friday, November 7, 2014

"The plain truth is ridiculously obvious"

It's no secret that what we know so far about the species is entirely because the eyewitness and armchair un-official research community has carried the subject for many years. If you know anything about my research then you know that statement is true. I've said it before and here again is the disgusting fact of our very existence. "If science had done what they claim they are there to do, we would have verified this species existence decades ago, possibly centuries ago.
 Our reality as researchers and why we are here in this position trying to provide evidence to the same group of individuals that have shunned our like for many years is not a popular subject to discuss. I admit it, it's frustrating to have converstation about this, but it is a necessary part of the process of revealing past failers in scientific acceptance of our evidence and eyewitness accounts as valid. We have no support from mainstream science at its top levels because as of yet no one has confronted these people about any of this from our community.
This is not because what we saw wasn't real, as so many of our educated critics like to claim, but because as eyewitnesses and concerned people we are literally being victimized by scientific bias, and an agenda of disruptive disinformation. A campaign of very public, social and cyber bullying that rivals the worst examples of prejudicial, scientific bias in history and it will eventually go down as having been that when the species is finally validated. We've been telling the truth, your all wrong!
For all our considerable efforts to produce what "SCIENCE" and any of the other "SCOFFING JACKASSES" would supposedely consider "Irrefutable" proof of the species, as of yet, they claim, we have found nothing that would even tease science into serious investigation. How can this be? with thousands of people here in the U.S. and even more across the planet in other countries that have been witness to the species existence including me. I myself have found many tracks in the field that can only be attributed to some unverified species of giant being that leaves a human type track. I have seen that it is real!
There is no official funding for real scientific research from the Academies of science world wide because we are, ALL of us being victimized psychlogically into thinking we are somehow responsible for this and science is not. Until we break out of this dead end cycle we have been stuck in for decades and unite as one group that will not back down about this and we confront those that are resposible to validate new species, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Most people are blissfully unaware that it's been over a hundred years here in the U.S. that the public has been looking into this with no help from science that we know of.
 I believe it's safe to say that science has thus far shown all of us they have no desire to listen.

 That's why I started the Bigfoot Research Council, with the goal to confront science at its top levels and get research into the species the official funding it deserves. The goal here is to first confront the subjective terminology that has held us at bay so long and introduce new terminology that is more respectful. This would open up a respectful line of communication in the isssue.
(SEE-"Terms of your surrender" and other pertinent posts here on the journal for more info on the current terminology that is killing us)

Self evaluation is the key;
Why am I forced to seek answers about this when I am not a scientist to begin with?
Who should be looking into this for all the Americans who say that they have seen this species?
Why aren't they doing it?
How can I help change this?

These are the right questions to ask yourself. Here is a video from 3 years ago when I filed a petition with the white house to look into the eyewitness statements. I have actively pursued official recognition for this species for a very long time. We all know they know, it's time to force the issue!


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