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"Why Am I so convinced Bigfoot is real?" part 2

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September, 2013-The old man of the swamp.
A little over one year after our shockingly successful Myakka expedition, I took my friend Matt to a place on the outskirts of Palm Beach County called the “Pine Glades Natural Area.” It’s basically a gigantic wetland pine prairie/swamp that has been set aside as a wildlife and hunting preserve for many years. This area is hunted heavily during the designated hunting seasons. It borders the eastern edge of another wildlife preserve called the “Dupue Reserve.”

Dupue encompasses 21,875 acres of harsh Florida wilderness. It lies on the eastern edge of Lake Okeechobee and is probably the most overlooked piece of wilderness in South Florida. Native American archeological sites within the park date back to 500 B.C. The Seminole Indians used this area during their war with the U.S. government in 1835 as a refuge until they were eventually captured and shipped off to Oklahoma.
I make note of this because the Seminole Indians also encountered the giant wild-men of the swamps of South Florida. These accounts go all the way back to the beginning of Florida’s Native American Indian history. 

Together those tracks of land, combined with several other large ones are a part of the “Swamp and Forest Corridor” that covers over a hundred thousand acres of wilderness in the area and stretches for sixty miles or so from the western edge of West Palm Beach to the eastern edge of Lake Okeechobee.
I was with a new research partner that day that’d never been out looking for evidence before. We got to the area before sunrise, followed the dirt road in and found an area within the swamp that looked promising. I always look for the dry areas within the swamp to conduct my research. There was a small canal next to the dirt road we were on so we fished for a little while until the sun came up a bit. This kind of swamp is not the kind of swamp you want to be hiking through in the dark, it’s filled with gators and venomous snakes.
Once the sun came up we hiked into the knee deep water and muck for about three hundred yards or so to a huge semi-dry cabbage palm hammock that had to be at least ten feet high.
There were large game trails leading into the hammock. Once again these trails had a “tunnel” shape to them. This does not occur naturally. These trails may have started out as normal game trails on the ground, but they were cleared vertically as well, just like the trail in grassy waters and my first encounter. I have a theory about these trails; I’ll cover that later on in the book.
We were looking around catching our breath when all of the sudden some hunters in a very loud swamp buggy started coming into the area. It sounded like they were about a mile away from us, but those buggies are very loud and I figured if there was a chance of seeing a Bigfoot around the area, It just ended. These guys are like bulls in a china shop, man.
Part of how they hunt the hogs is to not putt a muffler on the engine; it literally scares the shit out of any living thing in the area, especially the hogs that are bedded down in the thick cabbage and saw palmettos. The hogs jump up and take off out of the thick hammock into the shallow open water in a panic and the hunters start blasting away at the herd like mad men. It’s not subtle at all, but it is effective. The short hike to out to the huge cabbage palms was exhausting; we had no desire to continue at that point now that the shotguns were going off. I suggested we return to the car and drive in deeper to look for higher ground.
We were no more than one-hundred yards from the car having just started our hike into the area we were interested in. I was looking down at the trail we were on for a second and when I looked up, there he was in the middle of the trail about a hundred feet ahead of us in mid air.
He was around five feet off the ground; his legs were spread like a hurdle jumper.
The hair on his body was “Whisping” in the breeze as he flew across the trail at an impossible speed. 
Drawing courtesy of Joe Wilson-
based on my descripiton

At first, I thought I was hallucinating. He landed perfectly with no sound at all behind a palm frond at the edge of the right side of the trail. As he landed the muscle in his right peck, right arm and leg shook. He stood still for a second or two. I knew I was not hallucinating now. All of this only lasted maybe 3 seconds. But I got a good look at him. The skin on his face was pale grey. The bone structure of his face was primitive, his nose flat and wide. His eye sockets were darkened and shadowed by his brow-ridge. He did not have the ape-like cranial ridge that is described by so many eyewitnesses including my son. He had a human-type of head, but with a very pronounced brow-ridge and smaller forehead.
The weirdest part of what I saw was the hair on his head…It hung down past his huge, bulging shoulders, it was silver and grey, parted in the middle and perfectly straight. It had a shine to it and was actually quite nice looking. “He looked like a rock star, man.” It freaks me out to this day remembering how groomed it looked.
This is exactly "Who" I saw
Clearly this is not a non-human primate

Having seen a giant hairy humanoid jump the entire trail in front of me and then having actually found the tracks it left behind, I have a firm grip on the reality that Bigfoot exists. I saw it and then found the evidence of what I saw.
I also realize, that statement will seem ridiculous to most people; if they are ignorant of this part of reality.

Furthermore, now I understand why someone who relies on “programming” to form opinions about this subject would have the opinions they do about what Bigfoot is; they are the only conclusions these people are capable of coming to since they have an ignorant or “filtered” framework of information to draw their conclusions from; their point of reference is not based on a complete scope of the truth on the subject.
That being said, almost immediately after my own sighting of a Bigfoot, I noticed that I too was suffering from an “incomplete” point of view on the subject. I believe it was normal that upon witnessing what I did in fact witness, certain questions immediately came to mind regardless of the implications of those questions, and more importantly; who is implicated by asking these logical questions. In other words: I had a new “POINT OF REFERENCE,” to judge this information against. This is something that 99% of the public does not have. I’m willing to bet that if you are reading this now, and you have seen a Bigfoot at some point in your life you have noticed some of what I’m going to say now.

What I saw was in no way related to what has been suggested so many times in the “programming” I received from the so called “Experts” that are “Helping” all of us to “Explain” or “Find” Bigfoot.

I was confronted with the fact that there is a very real conflict between the information we are receiving about all of this from the so called “experts” and what we are in fact seeing running around out there.

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