Saturday, September 20, 2014

15 Years of faithful Bigfoot investigation!

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So, today is my Birthday, but I want to give you a gift.
Another year has passed and I've learned a lot about what I saw that day and even more about what is actually preventing the validation of what I saw that day.
Again, I say it's got nothing to do with "Bigfoot" or it being "elusive" or any of the other typical excuses we hear every day for why there is supposedly no evidence that the species exists. I just told you it is real, and so have thousands of other people. It has to do with me, and you, the Bigfoot eyewitnesses, the researchers, the public.
Here is my gift to you, the research community-
These words that follow this sentence should be investigated thoroughly in how they apply to you, to us, and to our perceptions both past and present about this subject. Because understanding how these words and phrases have effected our thinking is the key to unlocking the truth about "Why" we think what we think about our subject and "Why" we say and do the things we do or really...don't do the things we should, to press forward in the right directions for validation of the species. Understanding our own minds and the certain "Map-able" consistencies of our symbol responsive consciousness is the key to recognizing the arbitrary, subliminally induced cages that have held us all for decades, and that we are blissfully unaware of. In the last three years I have repeatedly tried to convey this and other information in order to provide explanations for why nothing is being done officially to validate our experiences, sightings and what we all know in this research community is really real. All of these "Terms" are clues, or crumbs that led me to solution oriented thinking on our subject. 

"Semiotics and Human Consciousness"
"Understanding the application of semiotic studies in television programming"
"Applications of Semiotics in Programming and Politics"
"Terministic screens"
"Symbol implementation"
"Symbol dependence"
"Objective Evaluation"
"Subjective Evaluation"
"Social Programming"
"Cultural Programming"
"Mass Cultural Programming"

Semiotics is the study of human consciousness and awareness, and of the signs of what our consciousness responds to most. To that extent, that in and of itself is of no value, until the findings of semioticis studies are then implemented in mass programming, whatever media, to suit a predetermined agenda. When that occurs I liken it's effects to an invisible atomic bomb being used on us without our knowledge, for it has effected mankind as negatively. We have all been victimized by those who use this information for their own gain, in many ways and until you become aware that semiotics exists, you literally have a lot of help making up your mind about a great many things without you even knowing it's going on. The keys to the kingdom of all human consciousness are in the hands of the few who could care less if your truly free or not. Free your mind, it's worth your time!

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