Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Why do we need to confront science about official Bigfoot research funding?"

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I had a conversation a few years ago at work with a co-worker who asked me about my research. He said he was just curious. I weighed his approach and evaluated my past involvement in conversations with him. I agreed to tell him and as I tried to give him a basic understanding about what I saw and what I have experienced, he looked stunned at first, then I could see the doubt flow into his eyes, it suddenly occurred to me that this person had absolutely no idea what was running around out in the swampy wilderness just a few miles from his house. As the conversation ended I took a few "Skeptical" shots across the bow, shook them off and when I got home that day set about finding answers to how it is that so many people have no Idea that this species is real. In this blog you will see all of my field research and experiences in great detail taken directly from my field journals as my research unfolded in real time. You will see the actual trail I followed to explain why this community exists and the real reasons why our research community chose to go try to prove this FOR science instead of confronting science about investigation into this FOR us. None of the "reasoning" that our community has for the lack of scientific involvement and funding for research is reasonable justification for the disrespect we continue to endure. I refuse to comment or participate in any more conversation that involves our research community "PROVING" Bigfoot is real FOR a Scientific community that could do in weeks what we've tried to do in decades and end this debate once and for all.
Not withstanding the obvious explanations for why it's so difficult to acquire solid evidence for the species i.e: Their size, speed, power and having evolved in the environments we really struggle in when we choose enter them, there was a less obvious answer that no one was really getting into-science has failed us.
There is an obvious resistance to look into this subject for all the people that have seen it that science as a whole has demonstrated for over a hundred years. Most of the time in fact and to this very day, when you read comments from scientists about this subject it is more about the armchair research community than it is about the species. They use the community to symbolize and justify not looking into it when the reality is that we only exist because of what we know and more importantly -the fact that they have created a conflict of information by denying the possibility that the species is real in the first place. Who are you to tell me I didn't just see what I so obviously saw, however incredible it may seem. I know what I saw.

At this stage in the game with so many Americans that have witnessed first hand that this is a real flesh and blood being, including myself...the resistance science is still showing all of us has to be considered disrespect. As Americans and as people who have seen this species, our sightings and descriptions of what we have observed deserve more respect from everyone, especially our scientific community. Yet here we are, a hundred years and counting having the same stupid debates all over the planet about what we saw with people who don't have a leg to stand on because they were not there to see what we saw. Science is unwilling to acknowledge our experiences and begin serious investigation into all these witness statements. 
Science has assumed the responsibility of explaining all of the creatures of this planet, they can look into this and the fact is...they haven't. Why? 
This is why the public is unable to act on what is so obviously the most important discovery ever made by human kind.  This is why there is a stigma attached to eyewitness statements before they are ever heard and this is why to this very day, we argue with each other night and day about every aspect of this subject. We have no real science or data that has been validated by the controlling scientific monarchy, the people that have control over validation of scientific data.
We are repeatedly shot down as eyewitnesses and researchers, the tracks we find are considered "Alleged" and all samples of hair or DNA continue to come back as either human or some arbitrary species. We may have been told the truth about what the sample turned out to be...HUMAN. They appear to be at least part human yet science repeatedly "CLAIMS" the sample was contaminated without ever completing the examination process- IDENTIFY THE CONTAMINANT AND TELL US WHAT IT IS-SEPARATE THE CONTAMINANT FROM THE RESPECTIVE DNA AND RETEST IT. 
We have not been successful thus far in working together with science because science is not working with us yet. I believe that If we draw our numbers together and unite as a mass of very serious individuals who will not back off and have every intention of making sciences disrespectful attitude toward the eyewitnesses, the tracks and the research community, make it a public event, where the entire country can see what is really going on for the first time....we will begin to get results. Maybe it will take a few tries, but if they do turn down our requests at first, the public will then come to our aid. People want to know once and for all if what we have been saying as eyewitnesses and researchers is true. 
Here is one Academic who is very interested in helping our community but can not get it done because science has behaved unscientifically for over a hundred years about what we all know is real!

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